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Which one is more significant to you and which one is more important for the book characters? It is about a Princeton student who is very privileged.

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Upon his graduation, he starts to get a look for what life is really about. He has lived a sheltered life and now he has to start taking care of himself. How is the real world going to be different from the sheltered life? What happens when he finally has to start taking responsibility for his journey and his decisions? It is a well-known novel about a man who kills a pawnbroker and then works really hard to justify what he did. It is a beautiful book with so much to write about in a literary response essay. It will challenge your views on your place in society and on the laws and morality.

You could write about a million of literary response essays on this novel without batting an eye. He will never get back all of the time he wasted trying to become the person that he thought Daisy would want. We can never get back the past and life is destined to change over time. Embrace the change and learn to love it as much as you loved the things that have happened in the past. When she does speak to him, it seems reflective of the way a mother would speak to a child. For example, Mrs. Have you lost your gloves?

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Mitty asked of him. Finally, the clearest way in which Mrs.

Not only is Mrs. Mitty portrayed as a mothering, bothersome hen, but she is ultimately described as that which will be the death of Walter Mitty. Mitty is a direct literary descendant of the first woman to be stereotyped as a nagging wife, Dame Van Winkle, the creation of the American writer, Washington Irving. Likewise, Walter Mitty is a reflection of his dreaming predecessor, Rip Van Winkle, who falls into a deep sleep for a hundred years and awakes to the relief of finding out that his nagging wife has died.

So how does a woman reader respond to this portrayal of Mrs. She would sympathize with Mitty, as Thurber wants us to do, and see domineering women in her own life that resemble Mrs. She may see her mother and remember all the times that she nagged her about zipping up her coat against the bitter winter wind. Or the female reader might identify Mrs. She could see the faults in a relationship that is too controlled by a woman and recognize that a man needs to feel important and dominant in his relationship with his wife.

The female reader could simply misread the text.

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  • Or, the female reader could rebel against the text. She could see Mrs. Mitty as a woman who is trying to do her best to keep her husband well and cared for. She could see Walter as a man with a fleeting grip on reality who daydreams that he is a fighter pilot, a brilliant surgeon, a gun expert, or a military hero, when he actually is a poor driver with a slow reaction time to a green traffic light. This, for most women, would cause anger at Mitty and indirectly Thurber for creating and promoting a society which believes that women need to stay subservient to men.

    From a male point of view, it becomes a battle of the sexes. I found myself initially wishing that Mrs. Mitty would just let Walter daydream in peace. But after reading the story again and paying attention to the portrayal of Mrs. Mitty, I realized that it is imperative that women rebel against the texts that would oppress them. By misreading a text, the woman reader understands it in a way that is conventional and acceptable to the literary world. But in so doing, she is also distancing herself from the text, not fully embracing it or its meaning in her life.

    By rebelling against the text, the female reader not only has to understand the point of view of the author and the male audience, but she also has to formulate her own opinions and create a sort of dialogue between the text and herself. Rebelling against the text and the stereotypes encourages an active dialogue between the woman and the text which, in turn, guarantees an active and most likely angry reader response.

    I became a resisting reader.

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    Elias, Robert H. Dedria Bryfonski. Detroit: Gale Research, Fetterley, Judith. This deviant childhood of hers makes her adult life full of disturbing behavioral elements. The child later grows into an adult who lures young girls so that her husband may rape them.

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    In addition to being a formative piece of Christian literature, the poem also functions as one of the earliest incarnations of Old English literature. In the midst of extreme oppression and hardship, slaves resisted their condition and created their own ways of living. How did slaves create their own culture and ways of life? How did slaves resist slavery? How were hardships related to a slaves gender?

    The intensive use of allegory in Anthony C.

    A lottery is considered as one of the fastest ways of becoming wealthy. People read articles, stories, poetry, and other stuff to gain knowledge, become aware of the current affairs. Every single line brings some concept for the insightful reader who stops and thinks about the way words are utilized within the text. The relationship between men and women is one which is very beautiful and sacred. A tragic hero is an individual who makes a mistake that leads to his or her destruction. Cinderella's Different Stories The paper "Cinderella's Different Stories" is a wonderful example of an assignment on literature.

    The face of homelessness is given a profile through the personal story and struggle of the suitcase lady. Officially speaking, an urban legend is any story that is circulated within a given population and believed, at least by some, to be true. These stories are usually intended to frighten or restrict behavior in some form or fashion. An example of an urban legend is the story of Bloody Mary. Robert Frost indicates in his poem that he has taken one road and left the other. Story of an Hour The paper "Story of an Hour" is a wonderful example of an essay on literature. Desiree's Baby The paper "Desiree's Baby" is an excellent example of a literature book review.

    The message in Desiree's Baby is quite clear, hasty judgments and ill-thought decisions lead a person to suffer and the sufferance may be unknown to the person who takes such a decision. In a very short story, Chopin has created a situation that spans years but comes to climax in a hurry. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn The paper "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is an excellent example of a case study on literature. The peace of the raft days is broken by the coming of the two conmen.

    Huck helps save these two men from the angry townspeople and the two beg Huck to let them ride with him and Jim. These two men teach Huck an important lesson in dealing with criminals. Death of a Salesman The paper "Death of a Salesman" is a good example of an assignment on literature. Metamorphosis means literally a transformation in the physical appearance of a living being. The poem is autobiographical and recollects in a nostalgic how the poet got her present name. It is the poetry of the moment- usually funny and surprising.

    He may be writing a very simple thing like missing a vacation, or a disquieting thing like the beginning of dementia, or on a profound philosophy of life, but each poem is treated in a unique way to make it interesting and funny. Barn Burning appears to be one of the best and most fascinating tales of William Faulkner which imparts to us the depressing side of human consciousness and investigates the force of man's so-called evil part along with the reasons which created it.

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