What are your short term and long term goals essay

Short term goals and long term goals essay

I had a friend in high school. He was very skinny and was often teased about it. He told me that he wanted to become a bodybuilder. After graduation, my friend and I lost touch. Just recently, we reconnected through social media. It was slightly surprising to see his pictures. One striking thing about him is that he has changed physically. He currently works as a fitness instructor and bodybuilder.

It took years more than 15 of dedicated study and training. Yet, he has achieved his goal. Not only that, he won several competitions in bodybuilding both locally and internationally.

Personal Goals : My Professional Goals

In a bid to lose weight quickly, some people have tried going on fad diets. More importantly, the people who try these diets inadvertently put their health in danger. If losing the excess weight is part of your long-term health goal, choose to do it the healthy way to ensure that the excess weight stays off for good. Having a meal plan can greatly help with proper weight loss. Do you want to maintain the standard of living you currently enjoy well into your retirement? Maybe you are concerned about meeting your medical and other needs in the future.

Financial experts strongly suggest that you must put aside money to give you peace of mind for the time you retire. Owning a property is one of the major indicators of financial success. It is also one of the soundest financial investment you can make.

How To Think About Your Career Goals Essay

Since mortgage is considered a good debt, it improves your credit profile. Tax incentives from the government also help homeowners lay down the foundation of their personal wealth. Currently, most companies and businesses are looking into the state of your credit profile to determine if they will provide you with the product or service you need.

5-Paragraph Personal Goals Essay -- Part 1 -- Getting Started

A good credit score positively impacts on your way of life. It opens up more opportunities that boost your quality of life compared, which are often inaccessible if you have a questionable credit record. Help your children secure a better future by investing in their education. Start saving money for an educational fund early the moment they are born, if possible. Another way to help your children avoid taking huge college loans in the future is by applying for an educational insurance plan.

How to Write an Awesome Essay About Your Career Goals

Not only will it free them from financial burdens, it ensures that you leave them with a positive legacy. Having your own business allows you to earn your livelihood while you pursue your real passion. By being a business owner, you have the opportunity to enjoy all that life has to offer and not being worried about having the means to support your needs.

That was what spurred another friend of mine to quit a high-paying job in the corporate world to start her own cake shop. The transition for her was difficult and she was ready to give up the first year she started. Yet, with encouragement and support from family, she persevered and now her shop is one of the top businesses in her city. Her greatest and happiest achievement is that she is able to provide employment for single moms. Setting a specific amount to reach in your earnings or savings is a good long-term financial goal.

This challenges you to tap into all your resources in order to achieve your goal. It is a state of mind where we embrace life-long learning. Getting another degree is one way of refreshing your knowledge and improving your skills and specialization. As employers are more likely to notice those who take the effort for personal development, getting another degree can impact your career in a positive way.

It strengthens long-term memory. It also protects the sense of hearing from decline related to age.

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    What is a Long-Term Goal?

    However, if you say I want to be an investment banker; it will not help your candidature. Therefore, while discussing your career goals ensure relevance of your stated goals. Suppose, you want to start your own enterprise. Then you have to discuss how you are going to utilize this time to develop skills, abilities and arrange finance to start your enterprise.

    what are your short term and long term goals essay What are your short term and long term goals essay
    what are your short term and long term goals essay What are your short term and long term goals essay
    what are your short term and long term goals essay What are your short term and long term goals essay
    what are your short term and long term goals essay What are your short term and long term goals essay
    what are your short term and long term goals essay What are your short term and long term goals essay

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