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NgOIT workforce survey. Wellington : Platform Trust. Recruitment and retention issues for occupational therapists in mental health: Balancing the pull and the push. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal , 57 , — From staff-mix to skill-mix and beyond: Towards a systemic approach to health workforce management. Human Resources for Health , 7 , Health and community services industry skills and workforce development report Examples of workforce initiatives that have been designed to maintain current employees include: the provision of flexible work arrangements Queensland Government, Queensland Government.

Queensland Government framework for investment in human services. Queensland NGO mental health sector training analysis — final report. Sacrificing workers? Putting all the pieces together: Exploring workforce issues in mental health nursing. Contemporary Nurse , 29 1 , 43 — National Mental Health Report Tracking progress of mental health reform in Australia, — Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment , 24 3 , — Health workforce design for the 21st century.

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Australian Health Review , 29 , 2. In terms of education, the community-managed mental health workforce displays a broad range of qualifications from vocational to tertiary and postgraduate qualifications. Fifty per cent of the workforce surveyed by Mendoza and Wands b Mendoza, J. Gethin and Deakin Gethin, A.

Professional development and a culture of lifelong learning, including continuing and further education may be influential in attracting and maintaining the health and community service workforce Cryer, Cryer, P. Transferable skills, marketability and lifelong learning: The particular case of postgraduate research students.

Studies in Higher Education , 23 2 , — Strategic planning for employee happiness: A business goal for human service organisations. American Journal on Mental Retardation , 5 , — The mental health practitioner — bypassing the recruitment bottleneck. Psychiatric Bulletin , 26 , — Education as a determinant of career retention and job satisfaction among registered nurses.

Journal of Nursing Scholarship , 37 2 , — The provision of scholarships for further education is one strategy proposed to retain workers Department of Health, Department of Health. State-funded colege scholarships: General definitions and characteristics. Review of Policy Research , 23 , 1.

Transforming the workforce in children's mental health. The public health workforce shortage: Left unchecked, will we be protected? Scholarships are defined as financial support to individuals to be used for the purpose of meeting their educational costs and course fees Pathman et al.

State scholarship, loan forgiveness, and related programs: The unheralded safety net. JAMA , 16 , — How effective scholarships are as a strategy in retaining workers in the mental health sector and for what period of time, are as yet unknown.

Graduate Research School

Therefore the aim of this article is to review available literature to determine key elements to be considered in the design of a successful postgraduate education scholarship programme and to explore the outcomes from previous higher education initiatives with regards to supporting workforce retention and ongoing career intentions. Peer-reviewed literature, written in English, was sought from 1 January to 30 April Search terms included: higher education, tertiary education, postgraduate education, scholarships, career intentions and workforce retention.

National and international grey literature, from within the same time period, was sought to identify scholarship programmes coordinated by peak agencies, government bodies and other providers. The inclusion criteria were: full text papers written in English, subjects relating to higher education or scholarship initiatives as a workforce retention strategy, or the influence of higher educational qualifications on career intentions. A total of journal articles were retrieved through the initial search, with 12 being initially selected for closer review.

Early in the review, it was identified that the literature on postgraduate education scholarships was quite limited, and so a further scan of the literature on scholarship programmes in relation to undergraduate qualifications was made, bearing in mind that these programmes tend to be offered to students upon leaving secondary education and prior to their entry into the workforce. Further to the literature review, an interview was conducted with a key individual who holds significant scholarship experience within a university setting, managing over scholarships annually.

The purpose of the interview was to explore the administrative and design features of the university's scholarship programmes. The interview was semi-structured and was conducted over the telephone, for 30 minutes duration. The interview was recorded and transcribed with the interviewee's permission personal interview, June 5, The literature review revealed that there is limited research exploring higher education scholarship programmes as a workforce retention strategy, however scholarship programmes do appear to have been successfully applied to a wide range of workforces, including health, the defence forces, community services, supermarkets and education Australian Defence Force, Australian Defence Force.

ADF education: Overview — defence jobs Australia Costco Scholarship Fund Aboriginal medical scholarship scheme. Australian Nursing Journal , 20 6 , Independent college fund scholarship. Seton Hall University Journal of Science Teacher Education , 21, — Leveraging partnerships to develop a strong and diverse workforce. Journal of Library Administration , 51 2 , — Medical Care , 42 6 , — Oil patch looks to build future workforce; scholarships. National Post. Industry Scholarships Recent literature indicates that employees undertaking work related tertiary education tend to remain in the sector longer Lyon et al.

Workforce development in action. Public Roads , 74 3 , 12 — The retention of the older nursing workforce: A literature review exploring factors that influence the retention and turnover of older nurses. Jeffers et al. Participants wished to maintain currency of skills and knowledge through access to continuing education. Furthermore, Letvack Letvack, S. Retaining the older nurse. Career development: Graduate nurse views.

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Journal of Clinical Nursing , 22 17—18 , — Hungerford and Hodgson Hungerford, C. Addressing mental health nursing workforce issues in Australia: A case study analysis. The provision of the scholarships was seen as essential by the authors to support ongoing professional development in the nursing workforce, and to minimize the burden of individuals self-funding their career-related education. Direct and indirect effects of education on job satisfaction: A structural equation model for the Spanish case.

Economics of Education Review , 28 5 , — Association between continuing education and job satisfaction of nurses employed in long-term care facilities. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing , 30 3 , — Rambur et al.

The study also indicated that an investment in staff education can lead to improved quality of service delivery, therefore benefiting the broader community. Further longitudinal research on whether more highly qualified staff remain in the workforce longer than other colleagues was recommended.

A study conducted in the United States focussed on enhancing the academic health science library workforce at a career entry level. A formal assessment should be conducted to determine which proprietary software products are widely used and which are underutilized by the university.

The former could continue to be supported for some time, while the latter would be phased out more quickly. Software for which open source alternatives already exist would be canceled first to liberate funds that could be immediately redirected. Faculty could continue to purchase licenses independently but would not receive institutional support past prearranged cutoff dates.

Published Papers

Offer financial incentives to faculty to develop or improve open source alternatives to proprietary software. A few bigger projects might be funded depending on demand and complexity of the software needed. Larger awards would be possible as more software licenses are phased out and more funds liberated. All software development should be done in the open via platforms like GitHub or BitBucket, which could have the advantage of bringing in outside collaborators at no added cost to the university.

Smaller grants or faculty prizes could also be awarded for demonstrated contributions to existing open source projects.

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Redirect site license funds into supporting open access publishing. Redirecting funds could also help address economic challenges of open publishing. If universities do not wish to support article processing charges APCs , they could instead use the funds to support open publishing consortia e.

Scholarship research paper
Scholarship research paper
Scholarship research paper
Scholarship research paper
Scholarship research paper
Scholarship research paper
Scholarship research paper
Scholarship research paper

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