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Tybalt's character in the drama and in the film has more similarities than differences. In both, he is portrayed with plenty of hatred toward the Montague family. In the movie, he is seen wearing a devil costume at the Capulet's ball. This costume symbolizes his hatred toward the Montague family.

After Tybalt realizes that Romeo is at the Capulet's ball, he is ready "To strike him dead [. He is enraged when his uncle, Capulet, tells him to be "content [. Tybalt vows that once the Capulet's ball is over he will have his vengeance on Romeo.

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In the movie, Tybalt's outrage at the Capulet's ball is seen more vividly than in the play by his violent reaction to Romeo's presence there. The hatred between the two families will be a problem for the couple to get together. These two families the Montagues and the Capulets truly dislike each other for no true reason.

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For example at the beginning of the script Sampson, a Capulet says Nay, as they dare. I will bite my thumb at them; which is disgrace to Everyday there is something that one must interpret whether it is a book, movie, or even the news. One must come to one's own conclusion about the information they are interpreting. For instance movies are mostly easier to understand then books though the plots may have slight differences. One of the major differences is that the book takes place in the seventeen hundreds in Verona, while the movie takes place in the Often times people say that William Shakespeare was and still is a legend.

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  4. They are correct. Although the movie appeared better, it left out some major parts. The play had better mood and plot details which made it much more dramatic and by far a better presentation. One major difference between the play and the movie occurs in mood.

    Romeo and Juliet: Movie vs. Play Essay

    An example of this is the The only thing that is holding these tow lovers back is the feudingbetween the two families. I really liked the real elaborate scenery in the movie. I liked all the nicelooking buildings. I also liked The purpose of this assignment is to write a set of director's notes for the characters in act one scene V. These are Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt and lord Capulet. I will explain and explore the characters and their relationships with other characters in the scene. Also what effects their actions in the scene have on the rest of the play. In this scene the character Romeo appears to have a very defying and cheeky attitude as he is in the heart of his sworn enemies.

    He is enjoying himself as much as everyone else at the expense of his enemies The version which sticks closer to the play is Zefferelli's version. It's more like what the scenery was like when it was written and would of take place then. The one that was more successful in my opinion is the Lurman's version, it's more modern and more enjoyable to watch. I prefer Lurhman's simply because it is basically modern. I don't think I would be able to watch and enjoy Zefferelli's because of the scenery and how old it is.

    Lurhman's is better to enjoy and would rather by me because new is better. Zefferelli's can offer the background clothes I am comparing the same scene act three scene 1 from two different versions of the play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare.

    The Zefferelli version which is set in Verona, Italy in the Tudor times and the Luhrman version which is set on Verona Beach, America from the present day. The clothing worn by the actors are very different in the two versions. In the Zefferelli version all the actors wore tights and Tudor clothing whereas in the Luhrman version the clothing is much more modern.

    The Montague's wear loud colourful shirts, jeans and are pretty laid back; What light through yonder window breaks? Also, the camera tricks, the special effects such as a roiling storm and the rebellious splash of colors right through the movie gains priority relegating the romantic theme into the background, in the process, lose certain more intangibles of intricate romance.

    This is more manifested in the first few scenes of the movie and tends to get corrected as it progresses.


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    In conclusion, any adaptation of a Shakespeare play is determined by two major factors. The first is the competence of the director. The second factor is the ability of the main cast members. Any other innovations and unconventional flourishes applied by the director and technicians will not carry any significance.

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    romeo and juliet movie vs book essay Romeo and juliet movie vs book essay
    romeo and juliet movie vs book essay Romeo and juliet movie vs book essay
    romeo and juliet movie vs book essay Romeo and juliet movie vs book essay
    romeo and juliet movie vs book essay Romeo and juliet movie vs book essay
    romeo and juliet movie vs book essay Romeo and juliet movie vs book essay
    romeo and juliet movie vs book essay Romeo and juliet movie vs book essay

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