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One can see that the poem shows how helpless the children were and there was no escape for them but death itself. It has a tragic and melancholic mode for children who should be given the right to have a good life and a chance to study and improve their condition were exploited and deprived. Nonetheless, the poem showed what should be changed in his society during his time and somehow, it is an eye-opener and it calls for a revolutionary change. A lot of poems during that time also embody this kind of theme.

They, during their time, wanted freedom and transformation. These literary pieces were their weapon, their defense.

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Movements made for change during Romantic era was successful. Freedom of expression was propagated, change was established. The Englishmen had the chance to grasp the power they were aiming for. They believed they were invincible and this led them to the Victorian period. Victorian period was the period of optimism. Since the Englishmen had the power in their hands, they will do everything to maintain the power that they have.

Understanding the Romantic Period

Their craving for improvement, industrialization and education was fulfilled. This is clearly en in some of the Victorian poems created during that time. Kipling Gung Din is a very good example. A lot of analysis given regarding this poem was focused on Gung Din, who was an Indian bassist or water carrier who serves water for British Soldiers.

But one aspect that I saw regarding this poem was it entails the power that the Englishmen have. All throughout the poem, Gung Din was described as a poor, low and abused slave and this also indicates that these British soldiers have the power over Gung Din and they can do whatever they want to do on Gung Din and they can ask him to serve them wherever and whenever. Although what I analyzed regarding the poem when relating it to the power and optimism that the Victorians have was negative, still, it exemplifies such. This poem also shows appearances which the Englishmen is trying to do during Victorian period.

The soldiers in this poem show power and prudish, unceasing their weaknesses in use of Gung Din. Irving and Romanticism What is Romanticism? Today, people would relate it with love and romance, however Romanticism is actually a style of literature that emphasizes imagination and emotion ins. It flourished in Europe and America throughout the 18th and 19th century and began a after the French Revolution in Romanticism writers glorified nature, did legalized the past, and celebrated the divinity of creation and mystery.

Washington Irving was a Romantic writer in the sass. He was the first American Topic: English Romanticism and the sentimental novel What is Romanticism? The portrayal of emotion and imagination The portrayal of the beauties of nature Settings that are exotic ex: old castles, mansions, etc. Because of his appearance, he cannot be accepted into society.

Victor Frankincense attempts to go against nature's Tennyson, in "The Princess" describes, under the diagnosis of catalepsy, probable temporal lobe epileptic dreamy states with deterioration which serve as a adaptor of sexual and moral ambivalence, the poem's central theme. It seems that Tennyson knew such seizures from his own father who had been given a diagnosis of catalepsy. Poe gave his Bernice in the novella of the same title a diagnosis of epilepsy as a reason for a premature burial. However, there was a good deal of unlikelihood in this, and when he came to this theme in "The Fall of the House of Usher" and in Throughout history, the arts and literature have been a form of rationalization of the minds and thoughts of an artist or writer.

The progression or regression of knowledge over a period of time can be chronicled or mapped with the use of the literature and arts of these artists.

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More specifically, the major shift in thinking from 18th-century Neoclassicism to 19th-century Romanticism can be seen in the works of Alexander Pope and William Wordsworth. A deliberation on the works of these two authors show the differences, if not complete opposites between the Neoclassic and Romantic concepts.

The purpose of a Gothic Literature was a natural progression from romanticism, which had existed in the 18th Century. Initially, such a 'unique' style of literature was met with a somewhat mixed response; although it was greeted with enthusiasm from members of the public, literary critics were much more dubious and sceptical.

Gothic writing is a style of literature that relies upon the evocation of moods, feelings and imagery for impact. How is the younger generation different from the older generation? Why do the Romantics put so much weight on emotion? How do the Romantics understand the difference between emotion and reason, and what can emotion give us that reason can't?

Romanticism wasn't just a literary movement confined to Britain. It swept through many parts of Europe: there's German Romanticism and French Romanticism, for example. What are the common characteristics that we might find in different national versions of Romanticism? What are some of the differences?

The Romantics loved and valued nature, and believed in the importance of maintaining a connection to nature.

How does their poetry and literature relate to debates about the environment nowadays? Think of climate change as an example. Heroism is a big theme in Romantic literature. God, when mentioned, was seen as an external force as opposed to a divine spark within human nature. Romanticism was concerned with the grotesque as well as the sublime, and literary works of this genre are often concerned with the battle between the two within the individual.

Many Romantics believed in an inherent darkness in human nature, as well as an inherent light. Because of the difference in these views on God, most Romantic authors did not share the optimism of their Transcendentalist contemporaries. This directly opposes the Transcendentalist view of the ultimate goodness of people and of the universe. A final difference between these two literary movements was the style in which their authors wrote.

Romanticism is largely defined by its style, which stresses the use of intuition over reason and effect versus details. Romantic writing uses large contrasts, between good and evil, darkness and light. It gives the general effect of a dream world. The narrators are given to both insanity and flights of fancy; and the line between the two is often blurred.

Romanticism Essay

Romanticism was also concerned with the physical world. Transcendentalism, too, relates more to the senses than to reason and facts, but its style cannot be described. Every Transcendentalist writer wrote differently; their works are grouped together due to their content, not the manner in which they were written. The writing is also concerned more with the journey of the spirit, rather than that of the body or the mind. There were significant differences between Transcendentalism and Romanticism, especially in their views of the purpose of life and their ideas of God and the human spirit.

But they had similarities, too. These, along with the time frame of both movements, seem to indicate that Transcendentalism was the natural outcome of Romanticism. The rights of the spirit, as well as the rights of the body, begin to be considered.

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Rather than being diametrically opposed, one is merely the result of the other. Neither movement could have flourished without the other—Transcendentalism began in the realm of Romanticism, and Romanticism would have died alone and forgotten had it not been for the continuation of some of its basic ideas through the Transcendentalist movement. Two things can be very different and still be of vital importance to each other.

In Summary…. Romanticism educes strong emotions and exemplifies significant events.

romanticism essay questions Romanticism essay questions
romanticism essay questions Romanticism essay questions
romanticism essay questions Romanticism essay questions
romanticism essay questions Romanticism essay questions
romanticism essay questions Romanticism essay questions
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romanticism essay questions Romanticism essay questions

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