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Email address for updates. My profile My library Metrics Alerts. Sign in. Co-authors rebecca gowland Verified email at durham. Margaret Judd University of Pittsburgh Verified email at pitt. Julia Beaumont Lecturer in biological anthropology, University of Bradford Verified email at bradford. Brittany S. The development of a model for assessing quality learning experiences in elementary physical The development of a model for participatory goal setting in private educational institution The development of a neural psychological immune endocrine model of tinnitus Student Work.

Development of peer-led youth theater as a nutrition education tool to promote the healthy t Development of a preliminary rehabilitation adherence measure for athletic training Student Work. Development of preservice elementary teachers' multicultural education perspectives Student Work. The development of a tool to measure perceptions of physical education teaching behaviors fo Developmental and stylistic consistency in selected choral works of Felicia Donceanu b.

A developmental cascade of early teacher-child relationships: implications for academic perf Developmental changes in electrophysiology and speech during problem-solving as predictors o A developmental model for the evolution of paternal care Student Work. Developmental profiles of aggression across early childhood contributions of emotion regulat Developmental pursuits of excellence in North Carolina music education shared by Alice Bivin The developmental roles of inhibition and working memory across childhood on preadolescent A Developmental sentence scoring as a measure of readability for first grade reading textbooks A developmental study of the role of category information in word identification Student Work.

Deviations from optimal choice : skilled performance, feedback, and Bayesian decision making Diabetes prevalence and mortality in the Great Plains Region differences based on the social Dialogic reflective e-journaling and transformative learning of special education preservice Dialogues of being-in-living relations : re-imagining office education Student Work.

Diet quality and cardiovascular disease risks in adolescents Student Work. Dietary adherence among older community living adults in central North Carolina to specific Differences between risk factors for falling in homebound diabetics and non-diabetics Student Work. Differences in the effects of carbohydrate food form on endurance performance to exhaustion Student Work. Differences in maternal verbalizations and involvement during Hawaiian mother-child interact Differences in music achievement among gifted and talented, average, and educable mentally h Differences in variability of color of stimuli on the child's habituation of attention and o The differential effects of four training strategies for use in the sheltered workshop Student Work.

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Differential language influence on math achievement Student Work. Differential marriage and family perceptions and attitudes of adolescents living in child ca Differential reinforcing value of speech and heartbeats : a measure of functional lateraliza Differentiation of functional human mast cells from adipose derived stem cells and their app Digging deeper: understanding non-proficient students through an understanding of reading an Digital connection in a physical classroom: clickers and the student-teacher relationship Student Work. Dimensions of clothing interest based on factor analysis of Creekmore's clothing measur Dimensions of perfectionism as vulnerability factors for depression in the narcissistic and Dis obedient wives: manifestations of collective female agency in early modern city comedie Disabling the disparity: building the cultural competence of school and teacher leaders Student Work.

Disadvantaged children's play behavior over the school year in public school preschool class Disciplinary articulation in rhetoric and composition Student Work.

Rebecca Redfern

Disciplinary disproportionality and the organization of power Student Work. Discovering the kinetic language of violence on the early modern stage Student Work. Discovering new structural diversity from unexplored fungi Student Work. Discovering strategies of support to build distinguished school executives Student Work. Discriminators of interest in family support programs among Air Force couples Student Work.

Disrupting the best of intentions. Disrupting masculinity and patriarchy: stories of men transforming Student Work.

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Dissociation and posttraumatic stress disorder in Khmer refugees resettled in the United Sta Distinctions between sociometric status groups : internalizing difficulties Student Work. Distinctive physical education teachers : personal qualities, perceptions of teacher educati Diversity in global virtual teams : a partnership development perspective Student Work. Divorce mediation : factors influencing the choice of mediation and their respective objecti Do lower prices always increase willingness to purchase?

Do work incentives work? Doctoral dissertations in physical education : a twenty-year portrait Student Work. Does resilience mediate the effects of bullying in nurses? Domain interdependence beliefs as a mechanism for dimensional comparison: an experimental an Dorothy Heathcote as philosopher, educator and dramatist Student Work. Double dutching in my own skin: an autoethnography on colorism Student Work. Charles Buell : leader in physical education for the visually impaired Student Work.

Dread and portent: reading H. Dreaming after trauma: exploring the relationship of replicative and recurrent posttraumatic Dress and nudity in the iconography of the Florentine Renaissance woman Student Work. The dual role of single parent and professional : a study of gender issues and the work-fami Dual sources of antimicrobial activity of Anemopsis californica : plant and endophytic fungi Duke Vincentio of Shakespeare's Measure for measure : a review of the criticism from a dialo Dysnomia and its relationship to subtypes of reading disabilities Student Work.

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Early attachment : maternal voice preference in one- and three-day-old infants Student Work. Early clarinet performance as described by modern specialists, with a performance edition of Early college high school leadership: a closer look Student Work. The early diffusion of smart meters in the US electric power industry Student Work.

Early experience with food items of differing sizes and optimal foraging in golden hamsters Early experience, binocular competition, and the sculpting of relay cell morphology in the c Early maternal-infant interactions in adolescent and young adult mothers Student Work. The earth observing one EO-1 Hyperion and Advanced land imager sensors for use in tundra c Eating attitudes in fourth-, sixth- and eighth-grade females Student Work.

Eating disorders, sex role identification, and assertion Student Work.

Ecological niche modeling as a conservation tool to predict actual and potential habitat for Economic development effectiveness of selected Piedmont Triad community colleges Student Work. The economic geography of the tourist industry by U. Educating teachers in an integrated arts curriculum : a rationale and pilot study Student Work. Education and community : an interpretive inquiry into the meaning and messages of schooling Education for assimilation, integration or liberation?

Educational change, cultural transformation and spiritual renewal : reflections on a mytholo Educational emancipation: addressing retention and graduation of traditional aged undergradu An educational intervention to improve nursing care of geriatric care in the emergency depar Educational leaders as catalyst for connecting school and community: uncovering leadership s Educational practices of administrators and teachers in a high performing Title I school tha An educational program in breast cancer screening for first-degree relatives of breast cance Edwin Franko Goldman's Scherzo: a transcribed performance edition for solo trumpet and brass The effect of acute exercise on the formation of long-term memory Student Work.

Effect of ankle dorsiflexion range of motion on knee biomechanics: implications for patellof The effect of auditory occlusion on TAT responses of institutionalized delinquent, adolescen The effect of ball size and basket height on the mechanics of the basketball free throw as p The effect of bias instructions on the judgments and interobserver agreements of naive behav The effect of brand mix, merchandise requirements, and supplier accessibility factors on the The effect of cerebellar and collicular lesions on the relative encounter rates for x and y The effect of class size on retention in the primary grades : implications for educators and The effect of congruence of mothers' and fathers' beliefs regarding fathering roles on fathe The effect of a diabetes self-management program for African Americans in a faith-based sett The effect of a diet and exercise intervention on body composition and cardiometabolic risk Effect of explicitness of task presentation and response format on cognitive role-taking in The effect of first pregnancy on selected aspects of the marital relationship Student Work.

The effect of fixed and variable blackouts of different durations on responding in fixed int Effect of grade retention on student achievement : a case study of the effectiveness of grad Effect of a heart health nutrition program on elementary school children in Piedmont North C The effect of a high dairy diet, dairy supplementation, and resistance exercise on increasin The effect of high-intensity exercise and carbohydrate supplementation on plasma visfatin Student Work. The effect of husband-wife communication on marital power in decision-making Student Work. The effect of the implementation of comprehensive planning and management by objectives on t The effect of an individualized soccer match simulation on movement Student Work.

The effect of instruction on the stereotypical expectations for learning-disabled children h The effect of internalized homonegativity on the reaction of homosexual men to anti-gay soci Effect of a junior high school weight control program on weight loss, self-concept, knowledg The effect of lateral foot placement relative to hip width on the sprint start for women Student Work.

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The effect of lean body mass and strength on lower extremity energy absorption strategies du The effect of a miscarriage patient's age and parity status on nurses' emotional care Student Work. The effect of mode of stimulus presentation on the acquisition and generalization of tacting The effect of morality content stories on the young child's responses on a moral development Effect of music instruction on language development of preschool children Student Work. The effect of musical experiences and age on the ability of deaf children to discriminate pi The effect of near ultraviolet radiation on the morphology of nylon 66 Student Work.

The effect of a one-semester music appreciation course upon music processing strategies of c The effect of partial vascular occlusion on oxidative stress and inflammatory markers in you The effect of planned exercise as a disinhibitor of dietary restraint : an investigation of The effect of quercetin on the antioxidant response and phenotypic development of osteoblas The effect of race and racial perception on adjudicators' ratings of choral performances att The effect of real-life problem-solving training upon students' problem-solving ability Student Work.

The effect of response format and presentation conditions on comprehension assessments for s Effect of selected preparatory and response signal durations on reaction time in a simple re The effect of semantic encoding on unconscious retrieval processes Student Work. The effect of sex differences and brief peer deprivation or satiation on social behaviors in The effect of sex differences on the subjective well-being of older widows and widowers Student Work. The effect of sex education on social responsibility and locus of control Student Work.

The effect of short vowels on Arabic reading accuracy Student Work. Effect of sleep deprivation on exercise-induced growth hormone release Student Work. Effect of a staff nutrition education program on the nutrition status of clients with mental The effect of synthesized I-E change techniques in modifying locus of control expectancies Student Work. The effect of therapist empathy, norm disclosure, and self-disclosure on client disclosure a The effect of timbre and pitch-pattern difficulty on the pitch perceptions of elementary-age The effect of trust, transaction utility, and product uniqueness on International Online Out The effect of two specific practice environments on the forehand and backhand ball placement The effect of two types of augmented feedback on self-reinforcement of high school physical The effect of video gaming on physical activity among nursing home residents Student Work.

Effect on resident's attitudes of social, physical, and environmental aspects of high-rise c Effective fashion brand extensions: the impact of limited edition and perceived fit on consu Effective fire safety education for residential students Student Work. Effective leadership practices in language immersion programs Student Work.

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The effective practices of culturally responsive English as a second language teachers in th Effective use and implementation of video modeling in a survival swimming course Student Work. Effectiveness of cervical spine stabilization during spine boarding of collegiate lacrosse a Effectiveness of a computer assisted instruction program for teaching consumer credit to sec Effectiveness of a global education module on the knowledge and attitudes of home economics Effectiveness of the inquiry method of instruction in teaching a secondary home economics te The effectiveness of a lifestyle-based intervention on physical activity, blood pressure, an Effectiveness of microskills interview training in increasing the responsiveness of medical Effectiveness of a multicultural education unit on the cultural sensitivity of undergraduate The effectiveness of nutrition education for pregnant women certified as WIC participants in Effectiveness of a self-instructional program to prepare home economics teachers to teach pu The effectiveness of the SmartMusic assessment tool for evaluating trombone student performa The effectiveness of television video tape instant playback in learning the pitch and run sh The effects of week walking and week weight-training programs on the performance of me The effects of air and lip-pressure variations on the motion of a clarinet reed within an ar The effects of arousal and attention on central, autonomic and behavioral processes Student Work.

The effects of arrow direction, length of interstimulus interval, and certainty of interstim The effects of auditory-motor mapping training on speech output of nonverbal elementary age Effects of augmented local abdominal activation patterns on lower extremity biomechanics dur The effects of beta-endorphin on glucose homeostasis and hormonal responses during exercise Student Work. Effects of biotin, vitamin B-6, and zinc on growth and trace mineral status of young male ra The effects of a career course on the career maturity of undergraduates Student Work.

The effects of clarinet embouchure on band director tone quality preferences Student Work. Effects of computer technology and traditional methods of instruction upon the critical thin The effects of a constructivist learning environment on student cognition of mechanics and a Effects of consumption of fatty fish rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on plasma l Effects of contingent and noncontingent social reinforcement on performance of children in a Effects of the Couple Communication Program I on the marital adjustment, self-disclosure, an The effects of CS and cycle durations on stimulus-elicited keypecking in the pigeon Student Work.

The effects of Dalcroze eurhythmics on beat competency performance skills of kindergarten, f Effects of diet and exercise on maternal body composition and breast milk components Student Work. The effects of a diet-exercise program on blood lipids, blood pressure, and diabetes indices Effects of dietary and physiological factors on Fe transport and metabolism by human intesti Effects of dietary fat levels and fat sources on growth and trace mineral deposition in youn The effects of differences in fat free weight of endurance trained athletes on energy balanc The effects of differential reinforcement on reliability and reactivity of self-recorders Student Work.

The effects of direct and imaginal stimulation on physiological and self-report measures : a The effects of duet reading on the reading fluency and comprehension of high school students The effects of early clinical teaching experiences on pre-service teachers' self-efficacy Student Work. The effects of educational intervention on fathers' relationships with their infants Student Work.

rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis
rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis
rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis
rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis
rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis
rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis
rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis

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