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Types of Jobs. The most well-known job to the public is Case Officers Operations Officers. Truth told, they do a lot more running handling than recruiting. A key aspect about an Operations Officer career is that their work is primarily overseas. That seems exciting at first thought but there are negative aspects.

Some overseas assignments are difficult, unhealthy, and even dangerous. The divorce rate is high in this career field. People with all sorts of backgrounds become Case Officers. There is a great need for technical expertise even for those in the clandestine service. For example, it is helpful to have a background in biology or chemistry especially when you are trying to recruit or get information from a foreign biological or chemical warfare scientist.

How do you expect to recruit a foreign aerospace engineer or cyber expert when you have no idea what the person is even talking about? Law Enforcement officers and even security personnel do a fair amount of this work as well. Intelligence Analyst overseas opportunities are not limited to collection operations.

There are far more Intelligence Analysts stationed overseas than collectors. Marshals, State Dept, etc.

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Intelligence Analysts compile, correlate, analyze, and evaluate information from a variety of sources. Sources often include field interviews, databases, surveillance reports, human derived reports, signal intercepts, geographic information systems, and many, many others. Analysts generate finished intelligence products from raw, unevaluated, information. Analysts produce finished intelligence products for a variety of purposes. Just a very, few of these types of analyses are as follows:. All types of Intelligence Analysts generally have a few traits or skills in common:.

In one career you are enforcing the law; in the other you are potentially breaking the laws of a third party nation. In one career you carry a gun. In the other, you will almost never carry a gun unless you are in a war zone. When people say they want one or the other; it means they know nothing about either. Intelligence Analyst positions are different from collection operations work.

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Analysts in all agencies generally do the same type of work. The primary difference being your subject area of expertise, mission, resources, and the corporate culture in which you work. Other Jobs in Intelligence The Intelligence Community hires project and program managers, security specialists, personnel officers, linguists, graphic artists, makeup artists, videographers, logisticians, engineers, satellite operators, construction workers someone has to build and accredit the classified facilities worldwide , administrative officers, lawyers, accountants, scientists, doctors, nurses, IT specialists, and a multitude of other positions.

If you want to work in this industry, the chances are there is a career path for you. This is a good way to start particularly if you want to do some type of political stability, risk assessment or threat analysis terrorism, criminal, cyber, security, risk management, etc. Starting your career this way has three benefits:.

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Criminal and threat intelligence can also take you a long way. Mass shootings, Transnational Criminal Organizations, terrorists, and cyber criminals present a significant threat to this nation. It is an expanding field of increasing importance to homeland and national security. These same threats also plague companies, their infrastructure, personnel, investments, networks, and worldwide operations. Eighty five percent of critical infrastructure in the United States is owned by private industry so there is significant incentive to protect it.

While this is often done online it will take you time to retrieve all previous home addresses, friends, recommendation contact information, school records, etc. Prepare these records while you are applying for jobs; not after your would-be employer asks you to do so. This simple act could save you weeks or even months in the hiring process. Commercial Firms First, go to Indeed. Here are a just a few companies to search for analysis positions:. Intelligence Jobs at the state and local level States differ in how many investigative and analytical resources they apply against homeland security, human traffickers, terrorism, organized crime, etc.

Most states hire Intelligence Analysts civilian or sworn officers — or both in large cities and state police forces. Lastly, there are 78 State Intelligence Fusion Centers across the country. These entities conduct intelligence gathering, analysis and dissemination and are located is states or major urban area centers. Some of them hire civilian analysts separate from the police forces. Private companies also support some states with intelligence analysts. Analytical capabilities and resources are usually far better at the federal level but state and city agencies are a great place to start a career.

Intelligence jobs at the federal level Here are a few federal agencies and jobs to research. Foreign Affairs officers are designated In a job search, you may also come across the term Intelligence Operations Specialist which is another term for analyst. In contrast, the job series is exclusively Federal Criminal Investigator usually called a Special Agent.

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There are dozens or even hundreds of applicants for positions. Agencies often use Applicant Tracking System software to scan for key words in your resume as a first level of screening. So your resume should use the same key words and catch phrases as listed in the job announcement. You should use key words and catch phrases in your topic sentences the first in each paragraph as those tend to score higher. Use simple declarative statements.

Applicant Tracking System software often misses fancy fonts Bad for you. Some agencies to consider in your job search 1. FBI — Analysis: Counterintelligence, counter-terrorism, and organized crime. The work is supported by contractor analysts 4. Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

Present in the U.

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They also do the CI collection. Present in the in the U. They also do CI collection and analysis support. Try a career as a Foreign Service Security Officer Special Agent if you want a job that is a good cross between intelligence, law enforcement, and diplomacy. My single biggest career mistake was leaving DSS. It is probably the best job in the USG for counter-terrorism If you like living overseas and a fair amount of adventure. A large number will be Border Agents but they will be hiring intelligence analysts as well.

Department of Homeland Security. Despite recent public embarrassments, an excellent organization in which to work. DHS U.

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Coast Guard — Intelligence Analyst I don't believe in arbitrary rules like that," said Slaghuis. The real problem arises when applicants who want to show what they're capable of write unnecessarily long cover letters. Or, worse still, applicants use formulaic phrases and complicated sentence structures.

military intelligence analyst cover letter Military intelligence analyst cover letter
military intelligence analyst cover letter Military intelligence analyst cover letter
military intelligence analyst cover letter Military intelligence analyst cover letter
military intelligence analyst cover letter Military intelligence analyst cover letter
military intelligence analyst cover letter Military intelligence analyst cover letter
military intelligence analyst cover letter Military intelligence analyst cover letter
military intelligence analyst cover letter Military intelligence analyst cover letter
military intelligence analyst cover letter Military intelligence analyst cover letter

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