Doctoral dissertation syllabus

Learning outcomes for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Statistical methods in education and psychology. Kreuger, R. Focus groups: A practical guide for applied. Maxwell, J. Qualitative research design: An interactive approach. Oaks, CA: Sage. Salkind, N.

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Statistics for people who think they hate statistics. Vaughn, S. Focus group interviews in education.

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Wingraf, T. Qualitative research interviewing: Biographic narrative and semi-.

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Recommended readings proposal. Locke, L. Proposals that work: A guide for. Section I includes a decision tree for proposal writing and a chapter on qualitative research. Long, T. Completing dissertations in the behavioral. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Deals with choosing a topic, developing research questions and doing pilot studies. Madsen, D.

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Successful dissertations and theses: A guide to graduate student. Presents a broad overview. Includes selecting chair of committee, selecting a topic, writing the proposal, defending it, and converting a dissertation to a book. Marshall, C.

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Designing qualitative research. Thousand Oaks,. CA: Sage. Addresses issues of proposals for qualitative research; reader friendly. Rudestam, K. Surviving your dissertation: A comprehensive.

The Doctoral Thesis may be multifaceted according to the guidelines given by the Faculty. The Licentiate Degree is optional. If a candidate does not want to complete it, the official workload for the Doctoral Degree is, nevertheless, ECTS. The learning outcomes for Licentiate Thesis and Doctoral Thesis are partly included in the general learning outcomes of the degrees but they can be seen in more detail in the evaluation criteria. It is recommended that the compensatory essays are written at the final stages of postgraduate studies.

More information on the essays. Different roles of media and civil society as agents and arenas for the construction of meaning, values, identities and social relations are studied. Particular attention is paid to the significance of gender, ethnic diversity and religious diversity in relation to the general themes addressed. The forms of teaching applied in the course are: Readings of assigned literature Lectures and seminars Written and oral presentations The language of instruction is English. Examination takes place through active participation in lectures and seminars.

Written assignments prepared in groups commenting on the literature shall be sent in as a preparation for the seminars 3 credits.

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The final examination consists of an independently authored paper discussing the themes presented in the course 4,5 credits. For advanced level students hand in individual papers for seminars. A doctoral dissertation is added to the required readings. If there are special reasons for doing so, an examiner may make an exception from the method of assessment indicated and allow a student to be assessed by another method. Students retain the right to be examined on the course according to this syllabus for 3 semesters after their course instance has ended.

doctoral dissertation syllabus Doctoral dissertation syllabus
doctoral dissertation syllabus Doctoral dissertation syllabus
doctoral dissertation syllabus Doctoral dissertation syllabus
doctoral dissertation syllabus Doctoral dissertation syllabus
doctoral dissertation syllabus Doctoral dissertation syllabus

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