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Cambridge IGCSE 0522 Oral Assessment

Schools should ensure that clear statements of the responsibilities of those involved in computation, checking and recording of assessment data exist.

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For the purposes of classifying undergraduate degrees, marks will be rounded at the stages detailed under Degree Classification for each individual Model. Rounding means that any mark of x.

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Decimal fractions below x. For the purposes of rounding, only the first decimal place is used. Following the rounding convention set out above, overall marks of For the purposes of progression, overall average marks will be rounded to the nearest integer so that marks of Return to Marking and Classification home page.

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    Print Email this Page. Search this Section. Marking and Grading 1. Internal and External examiners All assessments for programmes and modules leading to a University award must involve both one or more internal examiners and one or more independent external examiners.

    In respect of any assessment carried out by postgraduate students with teaching responsibilities, Heads of School should ensure that: 1. Marking Criteria It is recognised that there is a need for School Boards to conduct the assessment of students in a manner that is appropriate to individual disciplines and to the methods of assessment employed.

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    Moderation of Marks Marks Adjustment A School is expected to consider data regarding marks on modules for which it has responsibility, eg average marks for each module, to identify possible issues with the assessment process. Moderation Schools should have a policy on the internal moderation of marks External Examiners will not be involved in the marking process as their role is to endorse the recommendations of an examination board to indicate they are satisfied that policies and regulations have been appropriately applied and with the assessment process.

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    8. Principles informing assessment The following curriculum design principles Coursework Curriculum Design — Academic Policy inform assessment within courses and coursework programs at the University of the Sunshine Coast: Assessment is learning centred when it: a engages students in learning; b provides high quality feedback to students on their performance and gives students an opportunity to actively improve their learning; and c links formative and summative assessment information to improve student learning and engagement. Assessment is constructively aligned when: d assessment tasks, including criteria, are aligned with course and program learning outcomes.

      Assessment is Standards Based when: f the results of assessment are an inclusive and trustworthy representation of student achievement of academic standards; and g it is a valid, fair and reliable measure of specified learning outcomes and is moderated to ensure consistent and appropriate judgements. Assessment is Career and future focussed when it: h is designed to meet students' current and as far as possible future learning needs; and i includes authentic assessment types that simulate or replicate future work contexts.


      Records management Effective recordkeeping and records management is implemented in relation to all assessment, in line with the Information Management Framework — Governing Policy and associated procedures. Clearance for this would need to be sought through the Business Development Manager or Director of the research centre, team or unit you are connected with. It's essential to note that if you are intending to use your website to recruit for your research project that you need to have ethics approval before you begin recruitment. If you don't receive prior approval, you risk invalidating your collected data.

      It's also important to keep in mind that you should consult with your research supervisor should you wish to publish any findings of your research project online.

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      Being familiar and complying with academic integrity requirements and practices in your discipline is every candidate's responsibility. Citing sources accurately and appropriately is a core element of research integrity. If you have published during your candidature, or plan to, and want to use some or all of that material text, data, ideas etc.

      The GRS recommends using the text-matching software iThenticate to help avoid inadvertent plagiarism and manage citation practices, including self-citation. Read more on academic integrity for researchers and iThenticate. The GRS recommends that all candidates establish a social media presence early on in candidature, particularly a Twitter and LinkedIn account.

      Marking and Grading

      These resources can be used for communication of your research, for building networks and to support recruitment for your research project. The RED team run information sessions on the effective use of these resources. Branded stationery is available for use for communications related to your research project. You will need to contact grs latrobe.

      coursework assessment summary form Coursework assessment summary form
      coursework assessment summary form Coursework assessment summary form
      coursework assessment summary form Coursework assessment summary form
      coursework assessment summary form Coursework assessment summary form
      coursework assessment summary form Coursework assessment summary form
      coursework assessment summary form Coursework assessment summary form

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