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The Roots Of Commercialization

Even though some of the products marketed to children have negative effects on them, they are still being advertised. An example of such products is junk food.

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Junk food usually contain alot of fats and sugars, which, when continuously consumed, negatively affect the normal functioning of the body. In spite of its malignant effects, junk food is, moreover advertised in ways that appeal more to children A successful educational reflects a state of a country civilization. One of the key aspects to a success educational process is the availability of proper facilities and infrastructure. This aspect might cause a reason for the commercialization in the education.

The Commercialization of Education

Higher education, such as university becomes a trade for several parties that have control in both education and its institutions. They took the very high profit with the reason of providing a good quality education, which should be very expensive One of such change that has taken place is the commercialization of college sport.

Intercollegiate athletics has been commercialized in a variety of ways including sponsorships, donations and endowments, to mention a few One of the hardest lessons to learn is how unfair life can be. Better Essays words 2.

One of the hardest lessons to learn is how life is not always fair. Students who work diligently to achieve academic success can realize all too soon how countless hours of studying to achieve the grade, may not pay off as much as the ability to kick a football fifty yards. It appears the ability of the student athlete to contribute to a winning season is valued much more than the ability of the academic student to graduate with honors For example, Charles has added a red spot between the Seven and Up that represents talisman as stimulus to the brand.

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Also, in , he came up with a new name lemon- lime soft drink which is non caffeine and sugar free. In the late nineteenth century and early twenties, Seven-Up was one of the privilege medicine outputs for the health benefits like the digestion system and people who has bipolar problems Many people believe that if a person goes to college for 4 years and graduates with a degree that they are "educated" in a sense of understanding.

This, however, is not always the case. Individuals from all over the world go to college to seek an opportunity or chance to make it to the "top of the business ladder.

Commercialisation of Education..(शिक्षा का बाजार )

Better Essays words 1. These essays are among the many of their kind that address the status education in the modern world as being forgotten and lost behind all the technology and commercialization of education For example, in , President George W. Bush, with support from corporate leaders, proposed and later implemented the No Child Left Behind Act, which has had the effect of linking K—12 teaching expertise with mastering a fixed body of knowledge on corporate-sponsored examinations.

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Many corporations have also been behind the proliferation of market-driven teacher programs instituted across North America. For example, corporations, such as Kaplan Inc. Schools of education and other corporate conglomerates have created similar, fast-track, alternative route programs.

As a result, many future teachers are earning credentials without taking any courses that might help them orchestrate classroom practices which might reveal or discuss social and economic inequalities. In exchange for monetary compensation, school districts have given corporations the exclusive rights to sell, market, and advertise their products to teachers and students.

Private firms have promised the antidote to decaying public schools and communities.


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They have gone into the business of building, financing, and wiring new, state-of the-art schools in economically depressed areas. Corporate leaders argue that building technologically enhanced institutions will help marginalized students and communities lift themselves out of poverty. These school structures, however, may be challenged to overcome conditions such as urban blight, crime, and violence, or to destroy institutional practices that inhibit the educational performance of marginalized youth.

Some working-class people and educators have argued that commercial involvement in schools is part of a much larger agenda to commodify all social life. On a micro-level of education, teacher unions, other labor councils, and socially conscious university students in Canada and the United States have written position papers, launched strikes and demonstrations, and adopted policies that oppose corporate involvement in public schools.

Essay on Cultures And Commercialization Influence On The Education System

Finally, teacher educators, schoolteachers, progressive organizations, and concerned parents have created online resources, hosted international conferences, and developed curricula aimed at challenging these forces and reconstituting the notion of education as a public good. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. Essay Examples. Education Essay Examples.

commercializing education essay Commercializing education essay
commercializing education essay Commercializing education essay
commercializing education essay Commercializing education essay
commercializing education essay Commercializing education essay
commercializing education essay Commercializing education essay
commercializing education essay Commercializing education essay

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