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To save them from hard labour, we have adopted the Indian method of burning out the canoes.

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Ordays Journal Commencing the first Oct. Meriwether Lewis and Capt. William Clark , and patronised by the Government of the U.

Lewis and Clark: The Lost Journal

So all that is on each Side of this leaf is coppied in the later end of this book and this is no account. The material at the end of the notebook to which Ordway refers is found in this volume at his entry of March 22, Toggle navigation.

The Journals of Lewis and Clark: Almost Home | Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

October 1, An asterisk is at the end of this line, but for reasons unknown. Considered the definitive telling of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Undaunted Courage is based largely on the two men's diaries. Ambrose, a preeminent historian, nicely fills in the gaps of Lewis' and Clark's personal accounts, giving insight into their companions on the journey, and the backdrop of the then-uncharted American West. From the publisher: "High adventure, high politics, suspense, drama, and diplomacy combine with high romance and personal tragedy to make this outstanding work of scholarship as readable as a novel.

Edited by Douglas Seefeldt, Jeffrey L. Hantman, and Peter S. This collection of essays provides the context for Lewis and Clark's expedition, looking at the global politics of the time, how Jefferson justified the mission in the first place, how it affected Native Americans, and its legacy. From the publisher: "An obscure undertaking in its own time, the Lewis and Clark expedition has grown in the American imagination, acquiring an almost mythic stature.

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This book is a distillation of some of the most interesting passages from Lewis' and Clark's own journals of the expedition, giving first-hand perspective on the details of the trip and the people the explorers encountered along the way. From the publisher: "Here is a concise, breathtaking record of Lewis and Clark's legendary journey to the Pacific, written by the two captains—under unspeakable stress and the threat of constant danger—with an immediacy that startles to this day.

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  6. Through these tales of adventure we see the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains and western rivers the way Lewis and Clark first observed them—majestic, pristine, uncharted, and awe-inspiring. This collection of vignette-like stories from the trail seeks to personalize the people who made the Corps of Discovery journey.

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    The daughter of preeminent Lewis and Clark scholar Stephen Ambrose, Tubbs puts forth several insightful theories about what it was really like out on the trail. She suggests that Sacagawea bore "the burden of being a national icon," and that Lewis had Asperger's syndrome. From the publisher: "What really motivated Thomas Jefferson to send out his agents of discovery?

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    5. What 'mutinous expressions' were uttered? What happened to the dog? Why did Meriwether Lewis end his own life?

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      In the resulting trip through history, Tubbs recounts her travels along the trail by foot, Volkswagen bus, and canoe—at every turn renewing the American experience inscribed by Lewis and Clark. An alphabetized, categorized, exhaustive chronicle of every detail of the Lewis and Clark trip, this work is correctly categorized as an encyclopedia. It even includes plants and animals the party encountered as well as people and places.

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      From the publisher: "Containing more than informative A-to-Z entries, as well as an extensive chronology with mileage markers, an introductory essay, lists of sources for further reading following each entry, a bibliography, a subject index, a general index, 20 maps, and black-and-white photographs, this must-have reference details a fascinating and important event

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