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Requirement: Write a term research paper following the instructions explained below. Purpose: To reinforce knowledge of the Principles of War, gain experience in historical research, practice analyzing and interpreting material, learn how to prepare a senior-level paper, and write about a subject that interests you. Assignment: Examine The Bay of Pigs research it thoroughly, determine how the Principles of War applied by developing an outline then develop your thesis by formulating an opinion about some aspect of the battle.

Then write a term paper discussing your analysis and presenting your position. NOTE: Your thesis must somehow address the applicable? Paper's Introduction: The first paragraph of your paper must accomplish the following: a. Let your readers know what your paper is about, arouse their interest, and put your topic into historical context. Not necessarily in that order. Clearly state your thesis. Your thesis is your conclusions about your topic. This must be accomplished by using the following exact words to begin your thesis statement, which can be put anywhere, in the first paragraph:?

Air Operations: Bay of Pigs

It is the thesis of this paper that?? The applicable Principles of War must also be somewhere in the first paragraph. Body of the Paper: This must be devoted entirely to explaining and proving your thesis. Ideally, your explanation will include the six interrogatives: who, what, when, where, how, and why. Paper's Summary: The last paragraph of your paper must briefly restate the main points of your thesis.

Note: Your summary must not contain new information not covered in the body of your paper. Title Page: Select an appropriate title for your paper and put it on your cover page following the format in your selected writer's handbook. Length: The text of your paper, excluding the title page, outline and? Work Cited? Format: Your paper must be typed or computer-printed using standard formatting Use the guidance and documentation models in the writer's Guide or handbook of your choice. Recommended writer's guides and handbooks are Dodd?

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References: You must consult, incorporate in your text, and acknowledge a minimum of eight sources. You must use one Internet source. No more then one Internet source can be used. Encyclopedia articles both electronic and paper , dictionary entries, the course textbooks, and classroom notes may be cited, but cannot be counted as part of the eight required sources.

Sources used must be cited using your choice of the following methods: 1 Standard footnotes or endnotes. Sources cited in your text must be listed in a bibliography at the end of your paper. You may use the format specified in your selected writer's manual, with the Following exceptions: 1 The title must be "Works Cited" rather than "Bibliography.

Nine Principles of War The nine principles are concisely stated as objective, offensive, mass, economy of force, maneuver, unity of command, security, surprise, and simplicity. They are set forth in Field Manual as follows: Objective. Every military operation must be directed toward a clearly defined, decisive, and attainable objective. The ultimate military objective of war is the destruction of the enemy's armed forces and his will to fight. The objective of each operation must contribute to this ultimate objective. Each intermediate objective must be such that its attainment will most directly, quickly, and economically contribute to the purpose of the operation.

The selection of an objective is based upon consideration of the means available, the enemy, and the area of operations. Every commander must understand and clearly define his objective and consider each contemplated action in light thereof. Offensive action is necessary to achieve decisive results and to maintain freedom of action.

How JFK Inspired the Term ‘Groupthink’

It permits the commander to exercise initiative and impose his will upon the enemy; to set the pace and determine the course of battle; to exploit enemy weaknesses and rapidly changing situations, and to meet unexpected developments. The defensive may be forced on the commander, but it should be deliberately adopted only as a temporary expedient while awaiting an opportunity for offensive action or for the purpose of economiz? Even on the defensive the commander seeks every opportunity to seize the initiative and achieve decisive results by offensive action.

Superior combat power must be concentrated at the critical time and place for a decisive purpose. Superiority results from the proper combination of the elements of combat power. Proper application of the principle of mass, in conjunction with the other principles of war, may permit numerically inferior forces to achieve decisive combat superiority. Economy of Force. Skillful and prudent use of combat power will enable the com? This principle is the corollary of the principle of mass. It does not imply husbanding but rather the measured allocation of available combat power tot the primary task as well as secondary tasks such as limited attacks, the defense, deception, or even retrograde action in order to insure sufficient combat power at the point of decision.

BAY OF PIGS Essay - Words | Bartleby

Maneuver is an - essential ingredient of combat power. It contributes materially in exploiting successes and in preserving freedom of action and reducing vulnerability.

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  4. The object of maneuver is to dispose a force in such a manner as to place the enemy at a relative disadvantage and thus achieve results which would otherwise be more costly in men and materiel. Successful maneuver requires flexibility in organization, administrative support, and command and control. In order to understand this argument, this essay will first look at the problem itself and try to identify the root cause of these failures.

    Past failures of intelligence gathering will be examined to help contextualize the argument and give credence to the idea…… [Read More]. U S Policy an Indefatigable Icon. The extent of the personal involvement with Cuba among the exile community was viewed in macabre media frenzy over whether or not to return Elian Gonzalez to his father in Cuba.

    Many Cuban exiles used the young boy as a political pawn, oddly clamoring to wrest the boy from his father. The nearly insane fiasco illustrates the intensity of opinions over American foreign policy towards Cuba. These opinions are further intensified in light of the "complex humanitarian emergency" that might result should Castro's regime fall suddenly and without institutional contingency plans p.

    American foreign policy towards Cuba has occasionally entertained the use of force, but Kennedy's Bay of Pigs invasion has since made military means untenable from a practical or a political standpoint. Still, the Bush administration championed plans that intended to "hasten" the demise of the Castro regime p.

    Those plans evoked frightening visions of another Iraq:…… [Read More]. Truman in Hypothetical Crisis as. Kennedy recognizes the need to establish a bond with all the South American leaders, thereby isolating Chavez-Chavez politically as ineffective leader in South America. Kennedy perceived the Third orld in terms of the "national military establishment," and vulnerable to the manipulations of the Soviet Union Schwab, Orrin, , 1.

    Kennedy had already gone around with Cuba, and did not wish to repeat his mistakes in Venezuela, but he also had no intention of surrendering Venezuela to the Soviet Union in the way in which Cuba had been surrendered before him. President Kennedy saw South American diplomacy as the route to turning Venezuela away from bonding with the Soviet Union.

    He recognized that he could not alienate the rest of South America from the United States, or that would drive them into the sphere of Venezuela's influence over them towards the Soviet Union. Kennedy calls a meeting with Chavez-Chavez, in private,…… [Read More]. Perceptions of Presidents With Disabilities. He would sometimes be wheel chaired to the door through which he would enter to make a public appearance, but once at the door, his leg braces would be put on him, and he would rely on his son's arm for support and balance Later, with his son's support, he was able to use a cane, and the extent of his disability was successfully downplayed by the force of his political platform and the attention he commanded with powerful words and the presentation of himself in a dignified way with strong posture As he traveled across the country, his leg braces, without…… [Read More].

    Intelligence and Politics Origins and. Franks along with the Bush war cabinet, including Vice President Dick Chaney "met repeatedly" to plan the attack on Iraq. It was groupthink through and through. At the same time Bush was saying publicly he was "pursuing a diplomatic solution" Hamilton, , "intensive war planning" was going on during the whole year It "created its own momentum" in the administration, Hamilton wrote. In oodward's book, which was recognized as conveying authentic details about the Bush war planning and strategies, he covers much of the pre-war discussions Bush had with top members of his administration, along with decisions Bush made on his own and with help from people like his Foreign Policy Advisor, Condoleezza Rice.

    But according to an excerpt from oodward's book, Bush waited until the last minute among his top staff to brief Secretary of State Colin Powell, who had not been an advocate of going to war,…… [Read More]. Kennedy True Compass Book Review. Another related type of argument is to assert how he became interested in the various facets of politics that he made an impact on.

    For example, as a result of a plane crash and convalescing, he writes, "I realized that access to health care was a moral issue" Kennedy In other words, the way that he develops his political interest is determined by his personal experience. His view on the Vietnam War changed after an interview trip there. He uses this personal experience as the foundation for the ideas that he talks about, and it is convincing as a result. This argument from experience convinces the reader that Kennedy was authentic.

    Kennedy also includes many historical facts, which only adds support to his experience. The primary thing that makes one keep reading this book is the connection…… [Read More].

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